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Jane Adams-Roy | The Waterfront Pub and River Terrace


Craft beer, local wines, spiffy cocktails and a cutting-edge cookery team in a limestone pub on the river. 

22 Water Street West | (613) 354-2053 | FB: @waterfrontnapanee

What do you love about downtown Napanee?

The people, and the sense of belonging and connectedness.

Nice things your customers have said to you?

There’s a lot! That they appreciate us, that they had a wonderful time, that they feel warm and welcome coming to us. We have fabulous guests in a very real sense, it is they who are the essence of The Waterfront.

How do you spend your off hours?

Jigsaw puzzles, read, travel, knosh with family and friends.

Your favourite movie?

Hmmm… Sound of Music is up there for sure. Recently- Bridesmaids, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Your favourite song or genre of music?

Meat Loaf is best album of all time. Seriously. Pink Floyd’s anything, well not the REALLY early stuff.

Your favourite ice cream?

Heavenly Hash