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Elizabeth Sansom | Milady’s Lace

Elizabeth Sansom portrait

Milady’s Lace is a high-end lingerie store for women and men. If you need everyday wear, bridal garments or mastectomy, we can fill your needs. We specialize in what you want and need. 

9B Dundas Street East | (613) 308-9499 | FB: @MiladysLace

What do you love about downtown Napanee?

How all business owners help each other to make customers feel welcome.

Nice things your customers have said to you?

“I feel like the inside of your store is like a big city store look but it has the small town feel and service.”

Casey-portraitbra wallmen's-underwear

How do you spend your off hours?

Love to travel, go to the beach, or sit by the water.

Your favourite movie?

Can’t say I have one!

Your favourite song or genre of music?

All music- music goes with what you’re doing at the time.

Your favourite ice cream?

French Vanilla :)