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"The Jewel of Napanee"

Macpherson House, "The Jewel of Napanee," was built in 1826, and was the first private home built on the north shore of the Napanee River. It was the residence of Allan Macpherson, one of the most entrepreneurial and civic-minded citizens of early Napanee, with a finger in just about every pie.

He operated the gristmill, owned the saw mills, distillery, general store, aside from also being post master, magistrate, Major of the Lennox Militia, Crown Land Agent, pioneer of the printing press, supported the building of a school and establisher of the Agricultural Society. That is still not to mention his involvement in building the toll road and rail line and the helping several denominations secure land to build churches. Napanee has inherited a treasure and, thanks to the generosity and hard work of its local supporters, both the house and park have been preserved to become a living legacy of pioneer life.

Once run down and unrecognizable, the house has been rescued and lovingly restored by volunteers who put their heart and souls into its restoration to make the house look as it did in the 1830ís.

Today, Macpherson House is a hands on museum of Georgian style architecture and is located at 180 Elizabeth St in Napanee.  Be sure to stop by for many small events the house hosts. You can enjoy Cream Teas each Thursday afternoon from July through August, Whisky Tasting & Highland Brunch each November, and other Heritage events.

For a guided tour stop by the house at 180 Elizabeth St, Tuesday to Saturday or call 613 354 5982