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Colleen & Myles Surette | Harvest Brinery


Amazing homemade preserves including jam, jelly, pickles, sauerkraut, salsa and much more!

128 John Street | (613) 308-9135 | FB: @harvestbrinery

What do you love about downtown Napanee?

We love the size! You can walk all over, sit and relax, or go down to the river.

Nice things your customers have said to you?

Our customers always tell us how good our products are and how much more flavour we have compared to others'.


How do you spend your off hours?

Time off? What’s that?

Your favourite movie?

Too many to list- we do love movies. :)

Your favourite song or genre of music?

Easy listening- 70s and 80s.

Your favourite ice cream?

Chocolate- is there any other choice?  Mmmmm