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Colleen Rokoss | Colleen's Hair Salon

Colleen-portraitHair Salon. 

21 Dundas Street West | (613) 354-5424

What do you love about downtown Napanee?

The independent ownership of businesses. The creative, motivated owners and the effort they put into their businesses.

Nice things your customers have said to you?

They enjoy the comfy, house-like atmosphere. They like that I listen.

How do you spend your off hours?

Roaming the countryside. Crafting. Searching for unique things. Loving nature.

Your favourite movie?

Romantic and drama. The Notebook, Leapyear, Jurassic Park

Your favourite song or genre of music?

I like the top 40 classic rock.

Your favourite ice cream?

The classic standby- vanilla. Oh course maple walnut and Richmond Variety Chocolate Peanut Butter.