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 Lisa & Ben Revell | Classy Chassis Clothing

Small boutique specializing in PinUp, Rockabilly, Gothic & Steampunk clothing, shoes, accessories & jewellery for Women & Men.

15 Market Square | (343) 363-1642 | | FB: @ClassyChassisClothing 

What do you love about downtown Napanee?

The People - There are so many interesting people to meet and talk to and so many have such interesting stories about their lives and the history in and around this area. It is also very interesting to find out why others have decided to move to the area and why they enjoy it here. 

Nicest things your customers have said to you?

"Great service and even better deals" is one of the things we keep hearing and we love it! It is very important to us that our customers are happy and feel like they have walked away with a quality product at a great price.

How do you spend your off hours? 

Probably the one activity we enjoy the most is watching movies at home. We love to sit down on a Sunday afternoon with some snacks and a good movie.

Your favourite movie?

Probably our top 2 favourites would be Rocky Horror Picture Show & Sahara.

Your favourite song or genre of music?

 Rockabilly of course! and to love the classic oldies. 

Your favourite ice cream? 

Anything that has peanut butter and chocolate in it!